FieldZipper is a location-based mobile resource management tool that provides businesses with the ability to locate, monitor, and communicate with their mobile field workers. I have been involved as development team lead from scratch to production and now monitoring. is an online barber booking platform on Android app and website, it also offers exciting discounts on different services. I am co-founder and developer. Currently we are only operating in Lahore.


Student-Alert is a web and mobile base management and communication tool between schools, students, teachers and parents. I have been involved as developer lead from scratch to production and its currently in beta.


Tweelerts is location based tweets search and notifications app. You can search and subscribe for tweets notifications around different location using Tweelerts.

Naive Bayes classifier 

Naive Bayes Classifier is an email classification filter using Naive Bayes classification algorithm. Developed as an assignment while studying Information Retrieval course at FAST, unfortunatley couldn’t submit on time, later I put it on GitHub and now often receive acknowledgement emails from students all around the world.

Speaker Reply

speakerreplay is an online catholic speakers network. I was involved as backend developer while back in my time at Voidlabs.

SMSall App

SMSall is a mobile social network to discover like-minded people, create new relationships and stay in touch with your family and friend. I was involved as backend developer responsible for developing API’s for mobile clients, deploying and customizing XMPP server Tigase.